Can I mount a power supply under the XPND pedalboards?

XPND 1: There is a limited amount of space to mount a power supply beneath XPND 1. Currently, the only power supplies that have been confirmed by our team to fit underneath the XPND 1 pedalboard are:

  • Cioks DC7
  • KSE Falken 1
  • Voodoo Lab Pedal Power x4
  • Harley Benton PowerPlant ISO-5 Pro
  • Rockboard ISO Power Block V6
  • Mission Engineering 529X

To check if any other specific power supply will fit, use the dimensions shown below or contact us. 

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Alternatively, a standard power supply could be mounted on top of XPND 1 or a daisy chain power supply can be used.


XPND 2: The underside of XPND 2 can fit most standard power supplies. A power supply can be mounted underneath on the non-expanding side. The board comes pre-fitted with Velcro on the underside of the board, so you can easily mount power supplies underneath using Velcro.

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