How do I recycle my strings?

If you're an individual looking to recycle strings, you must be in the United States and have a Players Circle account. You can ship us your strings or visit a local string recycling center to drop them off.

Step 1. Download Shipping Label. Log into your Players Circle account then click here to fill out the form to have a shipping label emailed to you. You can also access this form by clicking the red icon at the top right of the screen and selecting “Recycle Strings” in the menu. 

Step 2. Recycle strings. Collect a minimum of 5lbs of musical instrument strings (we take all strings, even orchestral!), pack them up in any receptacle you’d like, and affix your free shipping label from Players Circle to your box.

Step 3. Earn points. Once your strings have been shipped, you’ll be rewarded within 3-5 weeks with points through your Players Circle account.

Step 4. Redeem free stuff! Redeem your points for new gear, swag, and merch in Players Circle.


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