What thickness are your custom picks?

The thickness of the custom picks depends on what pick material and thickness you choose. We offer custom picks in a variety of different gauges. Once you finish designing the picks and click "save design and select products" it will allow you to choose which thickness you want.


We offer full color laser print picks in light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy. The actual thickness (in mm) correlates to the thickness of our regular stock picks as well. 
Since we print custom picks from our regular picks, they will be the same. For example, since full color laser print picks only print on our white celluloid picks, the thicknesses in mm would be as follows: 
This is the case with celluloid/pearl/black ice/etc. Duralin picks are color-coded by thickness, so those thicknesses will be listed next to the pick colors in the custom pick designer tool.  


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