What is the difference between hickory, oak, and maple drumsticks?

We make drumsticks from a few different kinds of wood due to their various properties. Oak is the densest of the woods that we use. It’s the most durable, but also the heaviest. Hickory is a little bit lighter in weight than oak and is the most common wood we use. Maple is the softest wood and as such creates the lightest weight sticks.

Some of our hickory sticks also come in special variations like FireGrain, which is a heat treatment that gives sticks extra durability. We also make ActiveGrip sticks, which are coated for additional grip. While they do not change any playing aspect, we also have painted sticks to enhance the stick’s aesthetic.

Click here to learn more about the properties of our drumsticks - like taper, tip shape, and finish - and how to choose a pair that’s right for you. 

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