How do tiers work?

As of 2022, Players Circle membership is divided into three distinct tiers, each with its own perks. Membership tier is determined by yearly points total. If you joined prior to 2022, your 2021 yearly points total was used to determine your starting membership tier.

Yearly points total is the sum of every point you earn during a year and does not diminish if you use those points to purchase, donate, or anything else. They will still count towards your yearly points total and determine your membership tier.

New members and anyone who earns less than 1000 points in a year are in General Admission. They can move up to VIP (1,000-4,999), then All Access (5000+), by earning the required point totals during the year. When you earn enough points to move up, you are immediately in the new tier and will stay there for the remainder of the year, as well as the following year.

Your yearly points total is tracked on your account dashboard, so you know exactly how many you need before you reach the next level.

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