What can I do with Sensory Percussion?

The beauty of Sensory Percussion is its flexibility – if you can imagine it, you can do it. Here are some ways people use it...

  • Live performance with a band – expand live sound with layers, triggering samples, sections, and live effects.
  • Solo live performance – bang out melodies and entire song structures to make solo drum performances stand out.
  • Low volume practice – make playing with headphones more fun and engaging.
  • Composing music and generating new melodic ideas – musical exploration has never been easier, as unique ideas to come easily and intuitively through physical performance.
  • Experimenting with new techniques, textures, and tones – push the envelope and generate sounds no one has heard before with unlimited flexibility.
  • Connecting lighting or visuals to live performance – use the huge amounts of information that Sensory Percussion captures from your playing to control lighting or live visuals through external connections that will wow audiences in videos or on stage.
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