What are the properties of the custom drumheads models offered?

Drum Set Bass Heads


Standard white heads are based upon EVANS' standard EQ3 model, made using a single-ply of 7.5mil film and featuring a 10mil overtone control ring for a focused sound.


Calftone EQ3 bass heads are made using our proprietary Calftone film, which emulates the sound and feel of traditional calfskin drumheads.


Marching Bass Heads

All custom marching bass heads are manufactured with a thin, 3-mil overlay film to protect the artwork from mallets.


MX1 marching bass drumheads feature a single-ply, 10 mil construction with the addition of a tone damping system that can be adjusted with felt arcs to enhance articulation and focus low-end.


MX2 marching bass drumheads feature a two-ply construction (7.5mil + 7.5mil) and an adjustable tone damping. These drumheads produce the most articulate, punchy sound in the EVANS portfolio, and have enhanced durability.


MS1 marching bass drumheads are constructed using a single-ply of 10 mil film for an open, resonant sound that projects well.


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